Letter From The President

I’m still not sure whether I volunteered or got elected to this position. Nevertheless, I am deeply honored to represent the Recycling Council of Texas (RCOT)

First, let me say, our organization would not have been resurrected in 2008 without the hard work of our recent past president, Jim Shapiro. Jim was the right guy, in the right place, at the right time. I thank his family for giving up much of his time while he ran Austin Metal and Iron and served as RCOT President during the last five years and three Texas Legislative sessions. Jim was like Superman, coming out of the back room. You never knew if he was in work clothes or dressed in a coat and tie to go to the Texas Capitol to testify or meet with a legislator. In the beginning, Jim had to bring together a diverse group of entrepreneurs and individuals from all over Texas to find common ground on issues critical to our industry. He weathered the challenges, held his ground when necessary and, with a little luck, got us through that first Legislative session (2009) without damage. Under his leadership, we have developed creditability and critical relationships at the Texas Capitol and with state agencies.

RCOT has been instrumental in defeating onerous proposed bills thrown at our industry. Then, in the 82nd Legislative Session (2011), we passed our bill, SB 694, which put in place our current operating standards. It wasn’t perfect, but it is probably one of best scrap industry bills passed in the U.S. to date. The most recent session we also came out just where we wanted to be and started setting the table for 2015.  So, Jim, thanks for all your hard work, take a little breather, but I know you will be there whenever we need you.

I will keep up Jim’s traditional sign off.
God bless Texas!

—Tom Baker

Are You a Member?

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Meet the Board of Directors

  • Tom Baker:
    Tom Baker Consulting, LLC
  • David Bayouth:
    Jarvis Metals Recycling, Inc.
  • Phillip Bush:
    Commercial Metals Company
  • Suzanne Fulton:
    Fulton Supply & Recycling, Inc.
  • Arnold Gachman:
    Gachman Metals and Recycling
  • Neil Goldberg:
    Gold Metal Recyclers
  • Jennifer Jackson:
    Longhorn Recycling LP
  • Tim Nemec:
    M. Lipsitz & Co.
  • Freddy Robinson:
    South Post Oak Recycling
  • Joe Schneider:
    Holmes Road Recycling Co, Inc.
  • Jim Shapiro:
    Austin Metal & Iron Co.
  • Jordan Vexler:
    Monterrey Iron & Metal
  • Andy Wells:
    K & L Auto Crushers
  • Scott Wilkinson:
    Wilkinson Iron & Metal, Inc.
  • Mel Wright:
    Wright's Scrap Metals, Inc.


  • Tom Baker, President:
    Tom Baker Consulting, LLC
  • Jim Shapiro, Vice President:
    Austin Metal and Iron Co
  • Arnold Gachman, Vice President:
    Gachman Metals & Recycling
  • Genna Tubbs, Secretary:
    Jarvis Metals Recycling
  • Jennifer Jackson, Treasurer:
    Longhorn Recycling, L.P.